miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Cameroon Admitted to World Futsal Association:

Futsal in Cameroon has gained international recognition with the admission of the National Futsal League into the World Futsal Association (AMF). The admission which went into effect on March 7, will be ratified at the congress of the World Futsal Association to take place in Paraguay in November 2011. According to the President of the National Futsal League, Colonel Kuitche Roger, their enrolment with the world futsal association means a clean break from FIFA and consequently Fecafoot as both organisations do not accept that an association should belong to FIFA and WFA at the same time just as in boxing where one cannot belong to the WBA and UBA at the same time.
He said the National league, not to be confused with the National Futsal Commission, a structure under Fecafoot, will now embark on the reconversion of players, trainers and officials of futsal in, Cameroon to the regulations of the World Futsal association (AMF) which are slightly different from those of the International futsal federation attached to FIFA. In this light, he said the upcoming futsal tournament for companies to take place on April 29 and 30, will be the last tournament to be played according to the FIFA version of the game. He equally disclosed that the affiliation to WFA will open the way for the National league to take part in international competitions organised by the world body.

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